To get that tasty juice out of your favorite fruits and veggies you might need an appliance that can make your work easy. That appliance can either be a citrus juicer or a juice extractor. They both will get you juice but differ in terms of mechanism. A juice extractor first cuts the fruits or vegetables and rotates/spins them at a very high speed that separates seeds, skin, and pulp from the juice. A simple citrus juicer doesn’t provide many features like a juice extractor and is much cheaper than the extractor.

Let’s discuss this topic in detail so you can know their features and workings in a much better way.

1. Juice Extractor

A juice extractor is an appliance that can extract juice from both fruits and vegetables. It first cuts the item into small pieces and then rotates/spins the pieces at a high speed that separates the seeds and the skin. The final product that we get out of it is a pure juice of the fruit or the vegetable.

A juice extractor, in simple words, is a device that handles the seeds and pulp in a way that the user only gets pure juice without any other thing in it.

Here are the two most common types of juice extractors that are available in the market:

Centrifugal Juice Extractor

These are also known as fast juice extractors because of their centrifugal working mechanism. They are the most common ones and their biggest selling point is the fact that they are extremely fast. If you want to extract the juice without waiting too much then getting a centrifugal juicer would be a great choice.

They work just like a washing machine by spinning the item at a high speed of about 12,000 RPM that separates the juice from pulp and seeds. The waste is collected in a separate container while the extracted pure juice is stored in a different container.

With a juice extractor machine, you don’t even have to worry about cutting the fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces before pushing them into the feed chute. You can dump them whole and they will be forced down to the feed tube where they will meet a serrated blade that spins at a high RPM.


  • Extracts the juice much faster because of the high Revolutions per Minute rate. You will have your glass of juice filled up before you even know.
  • Easy to clean because they have less removable parts; the feeding tube, pulp tank, and the strainer.
  • They can extract juice from both, fruits and vegetables (even the hard ones such as carrots)
  • Less prep time


  • Creates a lot of noise
  • The quality of the juice gets diluted because of high RPM rate
  • Ineffective at juicing leafy greens
  • The extracted juice won’t stay fresh for long because of the oxidation