Slow juicers – also called masticating or cold press juicers. These use a slow-moving rotating screw or gears to gently crush fruit and vegetables against a perforated screen, pressing the juice out into your glass. They are quiet to operate, great for preparing leafy greens, wheatgrass and soft fruits, and some types can also be used to make other foods such as pasta or grind coffee. But they tend to be expensive, tricky to clean, and, as the name suggests, slower to produce juice than centrifugal models. You’ll usually need to chop fruit and veg into smaller pieces too. Centrifugal (fast) juicers – these throw fruit and vegetables into a spinning sieve basket with sharp blades on the bottom. The combination of the blades and the spinning motion rapidly separates the juice from the pulp. Not only are they quicker than masticating models, they tend to be cheaper and easier to clean, too. But they are often noisier, and not as good for juicing greens and soft fruits, such as berries.

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